Are you a Traveler or an Adventure Trekker or A Bike Rider or a Professional Photographer or Just Looking to burn calories over a weekend cycling or Wanting to start Vlogging?

Do you feel restricted by gears to be able to achieve all this?

No worries, now you can rent at ease with RentMyTent and get your gears home delivered in minutes!

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RentMyTent comes with two flavours, one is being as user you can rent trekking gears for rental, being vendor you can rent your trekking gears to users, contact us for more details

Choose Your Adventure

RentMyTent is here to give your variety of travel gear options and packages on rent to best suit your interest

Cashless Payments

Hassle-free online payments to provide you a quick and smooth experience

Home Delivery

Choose to pick up from one of our vendors or have it delivered and picked from home based on your convenience

App Products

Pay by Hours

Forget the expensive, daily based rentals & try the cost-saving hourly based payments and save money

Premium Quality

Best in class quality products hand-verified by our trusted vendors, so you can be relaxed

Android and iOS

Android and iOS apps to help you at all times and all tasks

App Products

If you a vendor renting any kind of authentic travel gears in Bengaluru, let us know so we can onboard you

Manage Inventory

Want to add items to your inventory or update existing? Or you are not available to rent out today? Everything self-manageable through our Vendor App

Booking Management

Get notified whenever user books your products and deliver them at ease through our delivery partners

Quick Payout

Get paid quickly and transparently and track your payments on the dashboard